Posted on Jan 14, 2022
Looking for people open to Investing and Raising funding
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Hey Angel, thanks for reading this, we love you already ❤️ 

In short: our maker space is ready to spin off a thing we made into its own business and launch it into the world. 

In a few more words: Studio Gütig, our product development lab, has completed productizing a strong prototype candidate for a new kind of manufactured consumer good. We are looking into commercializing it, with all the ducks lined up and ready to go, e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, logistics, sales channels... We even have talent ready to be hired.

I would love to tell you all about it, i.e. walk you through our pitch deck, and get you all giddy about this awesome thing that we made.

And if the thing is not really up your alley, I would love your angel feedback on how we can pitch better 👍